Beautiful Beaches Beckoning You At Oahu


Oahu, also referred to as Hawaii’s Gathering Isle, is one of the best places to see. The beaches, the landscape and the moors are going to overwhelm you with the scenic beauty of theirs. What all places and delights await you; when you make it to the mystical land of Oahu, go through Oahu’s best beach park.

If there is one word associated with Hawaii Islands, it’s beautiful! You would consent that Hawaii is blessed with Nature’s very best work along with the entire place is nothing less than paradise. Oahu isle is one of the largest Hawaii islands and includes a lot to give to the average tourist. From Waikiki to Ko’olau, you are going to enjoy every big or small delight that add a star to this particular place.

Here’s a list of Oahu sightseeing areas that are most loved and quite popular around the earth:

* Diamond Head: this world famous volcanic crater is located on the South east Coast of Oahu at the end of Waikiki overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The crystal stones that embellish the crater are responsible for the name of it, which was provided by British sailors in the 1800s.

* Pali Lookout: These 985 foot cliffs of the Koolau Mountain Range, offers the best views of Oahu. The location has a historical significance too, as it had been here that hundreds of Oahu’s soldiers happened to be thrown by King Kamehameha’s troops. This tragic event goes back to 1795. Come up here to get pleasure from the strong winds and also take a panoramic view of Kaneohe Bay, Chinaman’s Hat, and Hawaii Pacific’s Windward Campus.

* China Male’s Hat: It is a tiny island located at the north end of Kaneohe Bay, offshore of Kualoa Regional Beach Park. It is called as Mokolii by the locals as it means “little lizard” in Hawaiian. The reason behind it being called China Male’s Hat is due to the cone shape of its, which looks like the peasant’s hat worn in China. A visit to this small island is going to make you feel the splendor of the Sea and also the feeling of becoming one with Nature.